We have a plan just for you

We have a plan just for you
The person

Mª Concepción Vidales Aznar is a nutrition professional capable of covering all the health angles associated with food. She has helped thousands of people through her experience as a doctor, her participation in different media and her personal project Nutrimedic.

After her graduation in 1994 in Medicine and Surgery by the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, she developed her career for eight years in the emergency department of the Moncloa Clinic. At the end of this period she decided to become independent and start up her great personal project in which she is a founder and CEO: NUTRIMEDIC, a nutrition, dietetics and beauty treatment clinic, of which she is also a Medical Managing Director.

Since 2003 there have been numerous appearances and collaboration in different media. Her editorial work has also been very prolific with the publication of several books related to nutrition occupy the top sellers.


Nutrimedic is your nutrition coach. Through our fully personalized dietary reeducation method we help you to improve your overall health. We use a clinical and interdisciplinary method to undertake a healty lifestyle so that it stays in time and has a positive impact on your mood.

We propose a system in which food is not the problem if not part of the solution.


In Nutrimedic we want your food to be your medicine, so that you reach your ideal weight in a healthy, fast, efficient and with medical control through a personalized plans. Among our services you will find: integral treatnebt if obesity and associated disorders, analysis of food tolerenace, semi-DIET therapeuthic, virtual consultation, genetic analysis of obesity and dermatoma method T6.


In Nutrimedic, we have different antiaging treatments that can be performed individually or in combination: facelift without surgery, facial rejuvenation, radiofrequency, LPG Endermologie and antiaging nutrition.


Body treatments that will help you achieve your goals with greater efficiency: passive gymnastics, chiropractic, LPG Endermologie, photodepilation, photorejuvenation and T6 dermatome method.

Detox plan Drink6 by Nutrimedic

Your plan based on six juices or 100% natural fruit and vegetable creams to eliminate toxins and feel healthier.

Aesthetic medical

The ideal complement to your body care. With our aesthetic medical treatments you will get the result you need: LPG Endermologie, cavitation, mesotherapy, radiofrequency, lymphatic drainage, presotherapy and facelift.

Without surgery.